My name's Hannah and I'm a 23 year old {not sure what I'm doing with my life} typical millenial from Derbsyhire. I started coding websites and creating my own graphics from the age of 12, with my own beloved website called "Crystaldrops.co.uk", which contained all things girls, sparkles and horrendously animated! Once I started my GCSE's this all became a distant memory and I've not nerded over websites since.

It came to a point in my life when I realised I needed a hobby to love and occupy my mind, and alas, Betty's Blog was born! Why Betty, you ask? This is the nickname my father has called me since I was a child, and it just stuck.

Betty's Blog is here for me to share all the things that make me and keep me happy. This will range from recipes, gaming, general lifestyle, self care and wellness blog posts.

Hi and welcome to Betty's Blog! This is my little space on the web for the things that make me happy. 😍